Quick Tips For a Healthy Lawn

You can do a lot of things to get a beautiful lawn in the summer. But probably the most important is often skipped. Here is some mowing tips you should follow.

  • This is the one most people pay no attention to. Keep your mower blades sharp! Make sure your mower is cutting your grass and not tearing it. By not using a sharp blade it is more prone to get disease and will minimize stress during hot temperatures. Here at Eagle, we mow millions of square feet each week. We sharpen our blades daily.
  • Make sure you raise your mower blade in the summer. When your grass is taller it is more drought tolerant and will grow deeper roots. Also a big benefit it will shade the earth to prevent weed seeds to germinate. In our region where we live, our cool season grass should be mowed at 3” to 3 ½”. Remember mowing higher requires you to mow more often. It is a great form of exercise and it beats Winter!
  • Mow regularly as you should try to prevent mowing 1/3 of the grass blade at a time. Too many clippings may smother the grass.
  • Mulching your grass helps keep your moisture levels steady in your lawn.


Eagle Tips for Watering:

  • Lawns generally need at least 1 inch of water a week. Often times when heat is severe it may require more water. To monitor rain use a rain gauge to measure rainfall and or irrigation. You will be surprised when irrigation is being done how much water you are actually putting on your lawn. If your water early in the morning, make sure all heads are in working order and is efficient with water. Different parts of your lawn require more or less water, depending on location and our head type.
  • In South Dakota it gets dry at times. Water deeply every other day to encourage your lawn not to go into dormancy.
  • Never stop watering your lawn “cold turkey”. This will send the lawn into dormancy to fast, and result in partial to full death.
  • Beware of the forecast, your lawn can go into “summer –shock dormancy”, if you are not watering enough when the weather turns hot and sunny. 95% of our service calls have some association to the customer not watering enough. Adequate watering make a Happy Lawn!



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