Landscaping Crew Foreman


  • A degree in the landscape field and / or experience in the landscape or horticulture field.
  • Ability to manage and train team members.
  • Enthusiasm to work hard, promptness to arrive at work on time, and ambition to take pride in a completed job.
  • Clean and professional appearance with proper etiquette and respect when conversing with customers.
  • Drivers license required, no major traffic violations on record.


  • Install quality landscape projects.
  • Manage a landscape crew while accomplishing the landscape project.
  • Operate a commercial truck and trailer combination and ability to navigate¬†throughout the city using mapping software.
  • Operate various types of equipment at the job site.
  • Manage your time and materials while on the job.
  • Properly maintain equipment and troubleshoot equipment breakdowns.
  • Operate snow removal, sanding and deicing equipment.
  • Provide customer service to existing customers and assist in problem solving.
  • Assist with selling, and surveying potential contracts.


  • Starting wages from $15-20/hour. ($40,000 Plus/Year)
  • Overtime Pay.
  • Bonus Plan.
  • Seasonal or full-time year-round positions.
  • Benefits
  • 401K Plan with company match after 1 year.


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