Emerald Ash Borer

You have probably heard that the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) has been found in Northern Sioux Falls.  This is important news if you have ash trees, because it will require action if you want to save your ash trees from dying.  State Extension officials predicted its arrival, so Eagle Lawn and Landscape has been preparing for the last 5 years to educate our employees and have the best equipment, methods, and products available for treatment of EAB.  We are insured, certified and licensed arborists through the state and city of Sioux Falls for insect /disease control and tree pruning/removal.  We have been educated and will take direction from the following sources: John Ball SDSU Extension Forestry Specialist, South Dakota Dept. of Agriculture, and the Sioux Falls Forestry Dept.  The following information comes directly from the above sources.

History:  EAB is an exotic insect from Asia that attacks ash trees.  Since its accidental introduction in the mid-90s in Michigan, it has spread throughout more than 30 states and has killed nearly 100 million ash trees.

How does the EAB kill ash trees?  The adults lay eggs on the bark and once the eggs hatch the larva burrow into the tree and feed under the bark on the vascular system which carries food throughout the tree.  Once infested, the tree has a 0% survival rate and WILL die within 2-5 years depending on the infestation level, unless treated.  Sioux Falls has approximately 85,000 ash trees, therefore the EAB will move from one tree to the next very easily by simply flying.  It is estimated that every untreated ash tree in Sioux Falls will be infested and die within 12 years.

Does your ash tree have EAB?  If it doesn’t,  it eventually will!  If you are within 15 miles of northern Sioux Falls, You will need to treat your ash trees if you want to save them!  There are symptoms, but if you wait for symptoms, it may be too late or treatment may be less effective.

Treatment:  Here is some good news!  10 years ago there were very few treatment options.  Today the treatments are rated at over 99% effective!  That does depend on what product and method that is used.  The most proven and best application is a direct injection of Emamectin Benzoate into the base of the tree every two years.  This product will prevent the EAB from damaging your tree but also kill them if they have already lightly infested it.  We use the direct injection system from ARBORjet.  This is the most proven, accurate, and consistent application method.  The ARBORjet system was used in Madison and Milwaukee Wisconsin and provided 99.9% control of EAB.  Beware of over the counter treatments available to home owners, they are a lot less effective.  Soil applied treatments will not be allowed in Sioux Falls because they overload the environment with imidacloprid.

Treatment Timing:  Typically from early May through early September.   Ash trees must be fully leafed out and be actively moving food through its vascular system.

Cost of treatment:  Treatment cost is based on “diameter at breast height” (dbh) of a tree.  Diameter is the “width” of a tree trunk.  Breast height is approx. 4.5 feet above the ground (see photo on top right).  We can quickly provide a price with this information.  Approximate pricing ranges from $100-$500 per tree.

Cost of not treating:  Ultimately all ash tree owners need to evaluate what a 15’-45’ tree is worth on their property for shade, property value, and aesthetics.  Tree removal ranges from $750 – $4,000 per tree, more if you wait because the tree becomes very brittle and dangerous to remove.  Installation of a replacement 2” diameter tree, 10’ tall ranges from $500-$700.  The city will require a property owner to replace trees that have been removed to meet city planning and zoning requirements.

Why trust Eagle Lawn & Landscape with your ash trees?  We have done our homework on this pest and how to control it.  We have the resources to provide timely and effective service.  We have been in business since 1999 and are trusted by thousands of loyal Eagle Lawn and Landscape customers!  Do business with a local company who is vested in this city and surrounding communities.

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